The supply and marketing meat food company held the first exchange meeting to promote business development

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On the morning of October 18, the supply and marketing meat food company organized an exchange meeting to promote business development. Chen Yongjun, chairman of the Municipal Agricultural Products Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Jiang Ruming, deputy general manager of the group, the head of the meat and food supply and marketing company and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chen Yongjun listened to the experience and experience summary of the business personnel of the supply and marketing meat food company in the import business. He was very pleased. He said that the agricultural products group has actively explored the path of transformation and development in the past 10 years. Although it has made some achievements, it still needs to make further efforts. We should abandon the idea of wearing new shoes and go the old way, and should attract more young people, provide them with platforms and space, and break through the development and strengthen the agricultural products group.

Chen Yongjun put forward three requirements for the next development of the supply and marketing meat food company: first, based on the actual situation of the company, focusing on the in-depth development of the meat industry chain, study and formulate the business model and three-year development strategic plan, analyze and clarify the next step; The second is to explore how to use market analysis to effectively avoid business risks; The third is to rapidly explore the self-support mode, establish the private brand of small packaging products, and strive to achieve integrated management and drive sustainable development.