Based on the management, talents and experience accumulated by the core operation team in the imported frozen meat industry with beef as the core for many years, and relying on the comprehensive advantages of Chongqing Agricultural Products Group in the field of agricultural circulation for many years, the supply and marketing meat food company has built a strong integration capability of foreign factories, logistics, warehousing, capital flow and information flow, and actively provided customized and integrated supply chain solutions for customers, Let upstream and downstream share the benefits of value growth.
import trade
According to the procurement needs of downstream customers, accurately match foreign upstream high-quality factories, and provide customers with comprehensive services such as procurement, customized products, foreign exchange payment, document review, customs affairs, and cold chain logistics; The company has a rigorous risk management system to build a safe and orderly trading guarantee for international trade. In terms of price fluctuation risk, cargo rights risk, customer credit risk, capital risk, exchange rate risk, etc., it has complete regulations and a full-process control response mechanism.
Processing base and own products
To comprehensively promote the layout of the entire industry chain, establish beef processing centers, carry out research and development, production, brand building, and marketing of meat intensive processing, prepackaged products, and prefabricated vegetable products, and establish multiple national distribution networks and institutions in East, South, North, Southwest, Central, and Northwest China, striving to focus on upgrading beef products, strengthen management teams, and create a well-known regional beef industry chain enterprise within 3-5 years, The business area radiates across the country and even the global market.
Acting sales of foreign pre packaged meat products
Give play to the advantages of the company's overseas procurement team and state-owned enterprise platform channels, select market leading and forward-looking imported pre packaged products for agent sales in China, and provide a new choice of cutting-edge meat products for terminal catering and family customers.